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About Frames For Photos

High quality frames for pictures, certificates or posters

About us

Our revamped and revitalised Frames For Photos site has been running since late 2016 supplying a wide range of high quality photo frames and display frames to meet the customer's needs. Photos are your precious memories of the major events in your life or simply a record of fun times with friends and family. You may want to display them in your home or office for a long time or may want to update the frame design to freshen things up or match your decor. We also recognise that many frames are given as gifts to friends and loved ones. We aim to give you the best designs and quality for your photo frame at great prices. We primarily use Hampton Frames products because they offer some of the best finished products available on the market.    

The products are made in the Far East and are strictly quality controlled. We can therefore supply a reliable and beautifully made product. However, on the rare occasion that a frame does not meet the required standard we will endeavour to replace it with a perfect one.

 Our site has a comprehensive choice of finishes for your frame and a wide range of sizes. We also offer a range of certificate frames in the popular A sizes plus a few others in selected ranges. Some certificate and snap display frames can also be bought in packs at special prices.