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Frames4Photos - FAQs

High quality frames for pictures, certificates or posters

4x6 Inches = 10x15 Centimetres

5x7 Inches = 13x18 Centimetres

6x8 Inches = 15x20 Centimetres

8x10 Inches = 20x25 Centimetres

A4 8.25x11.75 inches = 21x30 Centimetres

These are the main sizes of the photographs you will have printed or you will print at home. We offer frames to take standard UK photo sizes and enlargement sizes which are usually quoted in inches.

EU regulations require that centimetre sizes are also quoted and these are approximate. A4 is the standard certificate size in the UK. Square sizes are also available in a number of ranges to suit Instagram and other apps. 

If there is no paper or bevel-cut card mount the photo size will usually drop into the back. If there is a mount, then the photo will need to be positioned and taped into place. There will always be a portion of the photograph or image lost at the edges because of the rebate at the front of the frame. When a mount is used a little bit of the photo will also be lost in order the keep the photo in place behind the mount. 

Multi-aperture collection frames may offer some additional aperture sizes to the above, but you can usually have these sizes produced or you can trim them to size yourself.

The size you choose of course depends on the size of your photo. If you have received a certificate, then it is most likely to be A4 (full size sheet of paper).

If you are giving a gift, then the size may depend on your budget. Most popular sizes are 4x6 and 5x7 because these are common first time print sizes. The sizes 6x8 and 8x10 tend to be more popular reprint sizes.

If the frame is for a wedding photo, we suggest you select 5x7 or above. The 6x8 size is growing in popularity.

Nearly all our frames stand horizontally or vertically to cater for how your photograph was taken. We also have a selection of square frames with from 3x3 to 8x8.

Multi-aperture frames also typically focus of 4x6 and 5x7 sizes allowing you to present a collection of photographs. These frames usually hang either way so you can present your photographs according to their horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientation.   

Some frames mainly multi-apertures are wall hanging only. Wall hanging frames usually have good quality hooks or sawtooth hangers and can be hung either way.

Desktop frames are generally not designed to hang and therefore do not have hooks.

Glass and metal frames with slide in backs do not have hangers.

Where a desktop frame has hanging hooks it is specified.

Wood frames always come with hanging hooks.  

Our frames are usually supplied in an individual white or brown box that is labelled with the product description and product code.

Inside the box, frames may be bubble wrapped and/or tissue wrapped for further protection.

The frame will be supplied to you in additional packaging to ensure that it arrives to you securely.  

Our metal frames are made of good quality steel or castings. Castings produce a heavy and solid frame. All metal frames can be plated with silver being the most popular finish.  They can also be adorned with genuine crystals or clear and pearl effect beads. Metal frames are also available in an enamel effect finish.

High grade extruded aluminium is used for some of our certificate frames.  Our glass ranges use only high quality 4mm or 5mm glass. Our frames have perfect bevel edges and smooth finishes.  Our favorite wood is solid USA sourced oak. We also have some great looking ranges made of MDF which is the eco-friendliest. We ask our suppliers to prove that only wood from sustainable forests is used.